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What is WPS and Why it is Needed?

Wages Protection System (WPS) is an electronic salary transfer system that requires institutions and companies to pay their worker's salaries through UAE Central Bank approved and authorized agents, Banks, Money Exchanges and Financial Institutions. It is a mechanism to safeguard UAE-based worker's salaries. It guarantees that workers in the UAE receive their proper compensation on time and according to their employment/labor contracts. Employers in the UAE are required to upload their employees' salaries into a database maintained by WPS in order for the MoHRE and Central Bank to verify the data.


ARY Sahulat Wallet WPS provides electronic payroll processing services to companies via UAE Central Bank WPS file verification module. ARY Sahulat wallet enables signed corporates to empower their employees with the capability of using their debit cards in UAE & worldwide on POS and ATM. ARY Sahulat wallet is complemented by other products to enhance the customer experience in a broad way.

What are the features of ARY SAHULAT WALLET WPS

  • Worldwide card acceptance in ATMs and merchant outlets complied with UPI cards acceptance.
  • Safer and convenient than the cash salary payment.
  • Cost effective and easiest salary payment process for employers.
  • Avoids employees carrying large sums of cash.
  • Cardholders are having 247 (24 hours, 7 days a week) access to their salary funds instead of standing in queues for salary receipts.
  • VAS for Corporates and Employees.
What are the features of ARY SAHULAT WALLET
Worldwide card acceptance in ATMs and merchant outlets, wherever UPI cards are accepted
Safer and more convenient than cash salary payment
Cost effective and convenient salary payment product for employers
Avoids employees carrying large sums of cash
Cardholders have 24-hour access to their salary funds without having to queue for salary receipt
VAS for Corporates and Employees

Corporates can now enjoy a better managed hassle-free system streamed line with systematic processes catered to ease the stress of salary files, especially the validation with Central Bank and, the reconciliation and settlement with (Schemes?) and Banks.

ARY SAHULAT WALLET also offers favorable rates with a unique structure for a fraction of the price available in the market.

  • Lowest rates in the market, transferring all the benefits to employees and cash withdrawers
  • Easy set up costs
  • Easy communication with the program team
  • Easy processes
  • 24/7 Helpline
  • Add-On product or service offers
  • Remittances are made easy
  • Lowest charges in the market
  • Mobile apps
  • Discounts and other features
  • Accounting and company records
How ARY Sahulat Wallet WPS Works:
  • Employer sends SIF and the funds to its ARY WPS CB Bank Account.
  • ARY prepares the SIF formation files.
  • ARY sends the SIF file and the funds to WPS system.
  • ARY processes the file and the approved Payroll File is sent to ARY as well as SIRAJ FINANCE.
  • Once we Receive the successful salary SIF files from CB – PAF , ACK , PSI files.
  • ARY loads salary in the WPS cards once all verification complete.